Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bug Lover and more....

                The picture above pretty much summarizes my oldest boys passion.

There are slimy, hooky, slippery, shiny, noisy, bright, mean, pinchy, beautiful and yucky bugs.  
We live close to a lake and therefore we have lots of bugs in and outside of the house which delights Zachy. He loves to pick them up after we determined that they are not harmful (thank you google) and studies their details and purpose. 
I truly believe that he has an OCD, whenever he passes a big rock he has to turn them over and sure enough he finds new little friends every day:) 
We love that nature shows us how mighty and big our God is, his creations are beyond amazing, the purpose of some of these bugs are incredible and remind us that we also have a purpose in life. I often wonder what Zachys purpose will be, but I am never worried because he has passion underlined with determination all while he handles Gods creatures with such grace. Only great can come out of this. 

Now, we had a few pregnant spiders in our house and let me tell you it freaks me out. 100 mini spider going 10 miles and hour in 4 different direction just to make new baby spider...arghhh. But Zachy will give them a new home. 
I enjoy turning over rocks and carefully (after our black widow encounter) examining new bugs and have great conversations with my big boy, he also teaches me so much! 

Our family has a "summer must do" list, you know the one where you check of the important fun filled summer activities that you might otherwise miss. Like... 
- eat Popsicles faster before they melt
- have juicy deliosious smelling watermelon during sunset
- s'mores ( the baileys version for this Mama) 
- running through the sprinklers in just your undies ( NO adults allowed) 
- catch fireflies in Mason Jar 

My husband told me that he did this when he was a little boy but I couldn't imagine how in the world can you catch these guys, turns out its actual pretty simple, it's almost like they want to be caught:)! 
This has made for some fun nights, watching my boys, yes even the big one  getting all competitive and finding the best places to catch firelys, fills my heart with such joys and I timecapsule this memory in my heart forever. These are the movements when being a parent is rewarded in so many ways. Nothing that any money in the world can ever buy you. 

                               THE LOVE YOU HAVE FOR YOUR FAMILY! 

They are becoming little buddies and love to tease their Mommy until the tickle monster comes out:) 

                                       My handsome kind hearted boy! 

I recently won a photo shoot with our favorite photographer. Capturing these moments is priceless. 

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