Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Birthday America and more!

How many people were rejoicing over a 3 day weekend? We were for sure! And thank you to all of you who worked on 4th of July! 
Let me summarize 4th of July in one word here in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 
Yes they are super serious about fireworks. About 2 weeks before the 4th you will see red and white tents popping up on every street corner ( no I am not exaggerating), they are stands where you could potentially spend a fortune on everything that resembles a sonic boom aka Fireworks. 
But it was fun to watch and sure pretty! 
Here a few pics of our fun filled weekend! 

Julia and Daddy having a special moment! I could squeeze those cute dimples. 

AJ watching Music at the park while drinking out of his special camelback:) He loves that cup and really sucks down a lot of water. 


Because I am happy clap along if you feel like a room without a roof......

Car show! A nice gentlemen asked the kids to sit by the door of the car and after the picture he pulled out 2 hot wheel cars. Boys and hot wheels never fail! 

Zachy is a little water rat. We swam a lot this weekend, in pools, lakes, bathtubs, and flooded splash pads! 

One word- Tennessee 

Happy Birthday America. We are grateful for our freedom that we have everyday thanks to those amazing souls who keep us safe. 

Old timer lessons with daddy. Curious little faces all around! 

We might as well enroll this little fella in a hot dog eating competition the way he eats his dogs! 



Daddy and Zach did some fireworks and used Mommy's (new) mason Jar:) 

Jumping into the pool

Brother Love, they are so great with each other right now! 

Phew we are a little tired and sadly gladly are ready to get back to a "normal" week:) 


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