Thursday, July 3, 2014


This week was already so fun filled! 
We are getting ready for an adventurous 4th of July mixed with music, pool fun, 5K, parades and of course World Cup game:
     Germany vs. France 

As my 2 year old would say Gooo GERMANY! 

Have a blessed and safe 4th of July! 
I love the fact that The USA is so proud of their country and waves flags high while singing the national Anthem! 

Little Jujuu loves to be on her belly now and listens to her brothers infomercial about transformers! 

Watching the German soccer game while Zach thinks I need stadium feeling and bham there it is Mr. Bunny, seahorsy, teddy and many more creatures keeping me company. 
BTW Germany won! 

Splash pad fun to escape the heat! 

Cupcake love

Oh my we are officially using all three swings! AJ moved up to big boy swings a little faster than he wanted to but he is doing a great job ( not falling down)

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