Saturday, September 20, 2014

I GET to do it

Hey have I mentioned I am a Mommy of three kids? Woah that sounds so strange, yet reality knocks on my door every moment of the day. 
So life has been pretty busy, in a really good way. I think my biggest struggle is to carve out time just for myself and get some solitude other than that we are in the swing of things. 
My favorite season is slowly approaching and our summer was AMAZING! We did so many fun things, we enjoyed family time, quiet time and most importantly we deepened relationships during the summer. Nothing makes my heart more joyful than great relationships. 

The boys are great. A.J. Started to talk so much and boys oh boys he is hilarious. My husband and I have a hard time to not burst out in laughter every time. He is so determined and has endurance that I can only dream of, he knows exactly what he wants and his love language is food, no doubt. 
Zachy started Pre K and this Mommy has a hard time seeing him growing up so fast. He looks so vulnerable to me and too young to go out into this world full of snapping Gators:)! Giving it some thought I think this all comes from being used to the German school system where 6 years of age is considered appropriate to start school. We shall see he likes it and has fun learning. 

Julia, our little princess so we call her, is doing wonderful. The boys love her so much and are so sweet to her. She gets so much attention and entertainment it's such joy too watch them. She is almost crawling and started to eat some foods. She taught me that even at a very young age you can have aversions and texture is an issue. No purre Mama. 

My hubby and I are well, we still enjoy our date nights and our family outings. Our community and church fulfills us in a great way. We are looking forward for entertaining some fall evenings at our house. 

So all in all I am thankful for my life and I do thank The Lord every day that he allows me to be where I am. Days can be rough at times and when people ask me how life is with three kids my answer is this. We never have bad DAYS but we might have a bad Moment and then it's really bad, but not for very long.
A good frind of mine once said. On days when energy is low, motivation is lacking and you simply feel overwhelmed I remind myself that I GET TO do this.
Yes I get to do this, so Thank you dear Jesus! 

Ha look at her toys. Bugs. The boys love her. 

A Luau party at the park, we had such a great time.

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