Sunday, July 5, 2015

Stop wait a minute

The other day I was folding laundry and my kids where either asleep or resting quietly. The load I was folding was mostly gathered laundry from upstairs which is entirely occupied by the munchkins. After determining whose superhero undies belong to whom and trying to fold a big fluffy tutu i stopped reaching into the dryer for more clothes. It's like the clothes started to remind me, tell me a story....! 

Zachys pile of clothes reminded me of a great time we had just past week at a super fun nature hike and how much he loves his bugs. Also looking at his shirts you won't find the cute Dino's or sea animals anymore they have to be a tad realistic now....he is telling me frequently that this is too baby. I think I need to start to take him with me when shopping for new clothes from now on.

AJ's clothes it's a interesting mix of new and hand me downs from big brother. He is wearing some of the same clothes that brother was wearing but their personalities and looks are so entirely different. His new batman underwear is a sign of concurring the potty beast. We are getting their people:) He is doing such a good job. On a side note, just because mastered to potty train your first child doesn't make it any easier with the second child:) don't be fooled by numbers here, be aware of personalities and temperament traits. I had to learn this lesson rather messy and quickly. 
AJ's pile also shows me how passionate he is about life, he lives his emotion out so intensively and has such joy in life. 

Julia's clothes, yes my little girl. We now welcome pink, fluffy and glittery things into our home. So exciting:). Our little snuggle bug. When she first gets up she wraps her little tiny arms around our necks as tight as she can. Folding her stuff is such joy, I can relate to pretty patterns, vintage jumpers and cute tutus. 

Putting away the clothes now reminds me how big they are getting, we now have to place the clothes strategically in their dressers so they are able to access them easily since our oldest gets dressed by himself and our youngest is getting there. 

Yes laundry can be a mundane but I am thankful for my laundry piles, they tell me stories, give me memories and let me know that their is such precious life in our homes. 

Piles of evidence of precious life on our home 

Pink cute stuff has now entered the boys domain and is slowly invading:) 

 This is one of his dinosaur shirts that barely pass as cool, no more cute stuff Mami:) 

My little buddy full of life 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Celebrate A.J.

I am a bit late with my post about A.J.'s Birthday. We had a great day on his actual birthday. He started with cupcake galore and Happy Birthday songs over and over from his siblings. A.J. loves when you sing to him. 

Facts about our A.J. 
He was our first child to be born in Tennessee! His birth was quick and easy, which was no indication of what he would be like as a baby. He was very colicky and had acid reflux so pretty much his first 6 month of life, he was miserable. 

Because of AJ we now own a minivan:). He was so unhappy in his car seat that we had to stop all the time and take breaks. The minivan is so roomy and helped us out quiet a bit. 

He is so blond like his daddy was and his beautiful blue eyes get him anything he wants:). 

He is very passionate, gets excited more that others and just loves life. He does not get hung up on little things. 

AJ comes up with the funniest moves and songs, and when he is a Grown up he wants to be a Country-Sinner (Singer):) 

He is a snuggle bug. 

on Saturday we finally had his party and he had such a great time. The best part of his day was that all these kids came for him to celebrate with him. It made him feel so special and that feeling lasted all day. 
We had lots of water fun, a squirter standoff, little tsunami like water battles and grown ups that got in the way were considered collateral damage:) 

When we came around to do the Pinata we ended up with a decapitated spiderman, not sure how appropriate its is for a 3 year old birthday party but it really did happen. 
Candy and more candy was collected from the ground:) 

AJ loved his superhero birthday cake and enjoyed the Happy Birthday Hymn. He is still smiling when we talk about it. At the end we opened some very nice presents and enjoyed his little eyes getting wider and wider with each awesome present reveal. 

Brother got a little upset (and what 5 year old does not). AJ was so sweet and offred to share his toys which put a big smile on Brothers face. The party was fun and we were still sliding into sunset. 


Monday, June 1, 2015

Rainy Day Monkey Love

All my three monkeys are napping and I am sipping on a grande coffee.....yummy! The house is clean, laundry is all done and dinner for tonight is ready to go. WAIT that is just happening in my make believe world.
This is what my reality looks like. House is pretty messy, counters are sticky, dishes are scattered in the sink. Laundry made it out of the dryer and folded but for some reason can't make it into the many many closets in my house. and for dinner, well the chicken is defrosting in a water bath for tonight's dinner. 
This doesen't stop me from sitting down though and capturing some amazing memories that were made today....and I am quiet at peace with my mess. 

Todays weather was not in the forecast at all and it threw me for a loop. See I knew I should have gone to bed earlier than I did but I had the day planned for tomorrow. Splash pad in the morning and errands in the afternoon. Mother nature said no no not today. 
So we had some really special fun this morning. The kids are all at very different stages right now and it becomes challenging for mr to keep them all engaged at the same time and be involved in everyones play. 
First thing in the morning we had some music fun, I wish I could say we played the flute, played the violin and composed a masterpiece on a piano. Our orchestra was made of a half broken flute, a miniture xylophon with notes dangeling of to the side. The fun though that was our masterpiece. All three added their talents. Julia is a great shaker, Zachy is a multitalent on the drums and the flute at the same time and A.J. on the guitiar while holding the mic. 
After some arts and crafts we went for the shortest walk yet, rain poured on our parade but we got to jump a few puddles before running back home. 
I was resting for a minute on Julia's bed while calming her down from her mean teething pain when the boys came in and asked to join us which turned into a cuddle session. 

And we finished our morning of with meeting daddy at work for lunch, while packing our "work bags" since we had importatnt meetings to attend. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer is here!

I am starting to realize that the transition of spring into summer in Tennessee is close to none. After a week of rain and cool temperatures we slipped into high 80's and no rain for 3 weeks. My closet and my kids closet weren't ready quiet yet. 
But hey no complaining over here time to start those summer days. We started our summer bucket list and here is what they came up with: 

- find bugs.....and more bugs 
- find a turtle and keep it for a day 
- eat lots of watermelon 
- swim swim and swim
- go to the lake 
- have a water ballon fight 
- catch fireflies 
- bonfires 
- and play with friends 

- eat cheese sticks 
- ride quads 
- throw rocks 
- squirt water shooters 
- swing 
- eat Popsicles 
- go to chuck e cheese 

- whatever brothers Doing, I am in. The messier the better.

We decided to mostly stay home this summer and take a few excursions to Waterparks, the aquarium, dinosaur world, a cave tour and so on. We have so many visitors this year and during the summer that we decided to explore the beauty around us. 

The last few weeks were filled with good memory making "stuff"! Our first graduation!!! Ok it was preschool but it definitely gave me a good preview of what's to come, when Zach was standing up on stage, performing their songs, my crazy mommy instinct wanted to run up and squeeze him so tight that I stop very cell in his body from growing any further, so he can stay my little sweet boy forever. But my rational (hey you a grown up) side and the fact that my husband was siting right next to me did stop me. 

Last days of preschool approached so fast and we said goodbye to some awesome teachers that had such a huge impact in my kids lives. 
Zachary registered for kindergarten and it feels like such a big step. I don't feel ready but He is and I am praying for him every day that his heart and mind will be ready to concur this new world. My little warrior! Watch out world! 

A.J. enjoys spending now more quality time with his brother. They found a good groove right now to play together. Now little brother is bringing some to the table:))! A.J. 
Is a passionate about music and has such great rhythm. Music gets this little boy moving. 

Julia is growing so fast, she loves being around her big brothers and puts up quiet well with their silliness and boyish noises, you know what I mean:)! She doesn't see any need in walking, even though we saw her taking steps but being the boys little princess and producing a little squeal that means " hey brothers come and entertain me" is jsut right for her. 

This summer will be different, shorter, more intentinally and filled with joy. Because after this summer my little boy will be loosen his grip on Mommy's hand just a little and it is so bittersweet. 

May you mommies all enjoy your summer. 



Told you it looks like it could be high school graduation. LOL 

My loves. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter and more

Easter at the McLea house was so much fun! We celebrated the resurrection of our savior, a new beginning and so much hope for all of us. 
The boys started to understand that there is more to Easter than just an Easter bunny. They still enjoyed the many many many Easter egg hunts that came their way. I am swamped by colorful plastic eggs:) 
Coloring Easter eggs was.. Interesting. I prepared stickers, different colors googly eyes, pipe cleaners etc but all they wanted was markers, the eggs turned out very cute with a personal note from the boys. 
We had an amazing Easter breakfast with Egg in the nest, bacon and waffles. The kids really enjoyed it and sat still for a very long time until we told them that daddy is going to hide the Easter eggs now....they never got dressed faster. 
After our rather successful hunt we went hiking and collected bugs in our brand new Bug Kit:) screeching noises came out of that thing on the way home (the boys released the bugs later that evening). 
At night we cooked a delicious dinner and enjoyed each other until it was time to go to bed. The kids fell asleep quickly and Julia was exhausted from all the fresh air and watching her brothers going crazy on sugar highs:) 
Today my husband told me what an amazing time he had this weekend and we didn't do anything special just enjoyed our company, mostly in our backyard:) 

He is alive 


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Love my essential oils

I am in love with essential oils, I am so happy when I get my shipment email and when my now favorite UPS man shows up, he gets greeted with a big smile and a happy squeak. "You have my oils"! Ha I am sure he thinks I am some sort of a nut job. 

Last summer I read up on a natural insect repellant because of my kids being so little. We also had a problem with wasps at our house and I did not want to throw chemical bombs around me. I researched a little and found out that peppermint oil was your friend to keep those wasps away which worked like a charm. I made my own natural insect repellant and my kids did not get bothered by those painful sweat bee bites and Mosquitos. 

I loved it so much that I started to read up more and found out that there are many amazing ways to pamper yourself and feel good! For a busy mom that sounded like a beach vacation. I made some body scrubs:
Wake up: 
- Epson salt
- sugar 
- almond oil 
- orange peel
- peppermint oil 
- wild orange oil 

Night night: 
- Epson salt 
- sugar 
- almond oil 
- Lavender 

Less chemicals 
One day I ran out on all purpose cleaner and had no time to go to the store so I made my own cleaner and it smelled so good, to my surprise it cleaned so well and I felt really good about it knowing exactly what I just sprayed on my counters, high chair, and kids table.
All purpose cleaner:
- lemon oil
- white vinegar
- water 

Glass/mirror cleaner 
- water
- rubbing alcohol
- lemon oil (little) 

A few drops of lemon oil on a sponge makes your stainless steel sink shine and leaves your sponge smelling great.

When flu season was around the corner I really started stocking up on my oils and trying to be as much preventive as I could. With three little ones I know once we get a bug/ virus in the house it will linger and spread which means poor sick little bodies, exhausted parents and being home bound for a very long time. No no no not an option. 
There is so much that you can do and I am learning everyday. 
We are applying oils on the bottom of our feet every day for preventative measures. Let me tell you so far we knocked out an ear infection, my baby had a viral bronchitis and I was able to keep her more comfortable at night while diffusing an oil blend. Fever was gently reduced with peppermint oil. 
Essential oils don't cure your sickness but here is what convinced me, in the past when my kids had a fever I would medicate them with common OTC medication. After the Meds worked my kids had high energy, bouncing on the couch, running and playing hard, it was impossible for me to keep their little sick bodies still for a while. After the Meds wore off we started over again. 
Last time I rubbed peppermint oil down their spine and on the bottom of their feet, I checked their temperature every 30 minutes and it worked. The fever went down and it stayed down much longer, but their little bodies still let them know that they need to rest, they did not get that (high) from OCT Meds and we kicked the virus out in 2 days vs. 5 days. One happy Mommy. 

There is so much more about these therapeutic grade oils and I will blog about them more. Most important is to use these oils safely they are therapeutic grade and should be used only when you are informed. 

hope you have a great today 


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

3 under 5

Happy New Year everyone! 
Wonder where I have been? Well read the title of the post again:). Life in the past 5 month have been interesting! We had an amazing summer and a great fall season. 
Julia has been such a great baby and her brothers are really sweet with her. They cater to her, when her blanket falls out of her bassinet they pick it up and rock her back to sleep while signing (more like shouting ) Rock-a-bye baby! 

When I was pregnant one of my concerns was that I won't have enough time to enjoy this short newborn stage with snuggles and hours of staring at our miracle. But that turned out wonderful, as soon as my hubby went back to work we worked on napping all at the same time and it worked well. Now my oldest is weaning himself of his naps and it's almost a blessing (most days) because we get to spend some one on one time and he also likes to spend some time by himself playing with his castle. Oh and you know what I cherish forever in my heart is listening to him play from afar, I learn so much about him. It gets interesting though when the enemies get punished by the knights and all of a sudden I am holding my breath because the knights take on the Mom talk. Bam there you have it! 

 Like every parent of multiple children I constantly struggling with the question "am I spending enough time with each child"? It's not an easy formula like 33% for each child or taking turns. It's more like being aware of how they are doing and what they need from us. My oldest lately expressed that he does not want me to have my phone with me when I play with him. I would text my mom or setup our lawn care and it bothered him. And he is right, everything else can wait I want to be right here with you in this moment and defeat dragons. 
I found out that our middle chil, A.J. Likes to help out Mommy. He is very passionate about it and gets upset when I don't include him:)
As soon as I start cooking he pushes a chair in front of the island and asked to "crack a egg"? That's how we get our quality time in. He is also my independent little soul, doesn't want any help and wants to do most everything on his own. 

Our baby, Julia is now on the move and that changed the game a bit. She seems very content that she can now get to her brothers:) 
She still wakes up quiet a bit and it is exhausting at times but for the most part we enjoy this time together and embrace this moment. 

My husband recently made a comment after our family overcame a two week stretch of sickness. His comment was, whoever said that going from 2 to 3 kids is easy and doesn't make much of a difference is wrong, 3 fevers, more diapers, more laundry and less sleep. Ha poor guy didn't get much sleep recently. But it was exhausting, we were supposed to be on vacation and one after another came down with the stomach bug. I definitely could have used more hands, more labs and another set of washer and dryer:) 

I so love being a Mom, this is my calling. I am growing with them everyday, learning so much about myself and about them. This is our journey together and most important they teach me how to love, love unconditionally and passionately. I am a better person because of them. 

Bathtime is super fun right now. They asked to bathe together. It's getting crowded and we may have another few weeks left:) 

Daddy's first day of. Vacation after six weeks of almost constant travel. Excitement all over. 

Fun Christmas season. They are holding Tickets to enter the rudolph sleigh (my decorated car) to go for a Christmas sleigh ride ( looking at x-mas lights). We had snacks and good music.