Wednesday, January 7, 2015

3 under 5

Happy New Year everyone! 
Wonder where I have been? Well read the title of the post again:). Life in the past 5 month have been interesting! We had an amazing summer and a great fall season. 
Julia has been such a great baby and her brothers are really sweet with her. They cater to her, when her blanket falls out of her bassinet they pick it up and rock her back to sleep while signing (more like shouting ) Rock-a-bye baby! 

When I was pregnant one of my concerns was that I won't have enough time to enjoy this short newborn stage with snuggles and hours of staring at our miracle. But that turned out wonderful, as soon as my hubby went back to work we worked on napping all at the same time and it worked well. Now my oldest is weaning himself of his naps and it's almost a blessing (most days) because we get to spend some one on one time and he also likes to spend some time by himself playing with his castle. Oh and you know what I cherish forever in my heart is listening to him play from afar, I learn so much about him. It gets interesting though when the enemies get punished by the knights and all of a sudden I am holding my breath because the knights take on the Mom talk. Bam there you have it! 

 Like every parent of multiple children I constantly struggling with the question "am I spending enough time with each child"? It's not an easy formula like 33% for each child or taking turns. It's more like being aware of how they are doing and what they need from us. My oldest lately expressed that he does not want me to have my phone with me when I play with him. I would text my mom or setup our lawn care and it bothered him. And he is right, everything else can wait I want to be right here with you in this moment and defeat dragons. 
I found out that our middle chil, A.J. Likes to help out Mommy. He is very passionate about it and gets upset when I don't include him:)
As soon as I start cooking he pushes a chair in front of the island and asked to "crack a egg"? That's how we get our quality time in. He is also my independent little soul, doesn't want any help and wants to do most everything on his own. 

Our baby, Julia is now on the move and that changed the game a bit. She seems very content that she can now get to her brothers:) 
She still wakes up quiet a bit and it is exhausting at times but for the most part we enjoy this time together and embrace this moment. 

My husband recently made a comment after our family overcame a two week stretch of sickness. His comment was, whoever said that going from 2 to 3 kids is easy and doesn't make much of a difference is wrong, 3 fevers, more diapers, more laundry and less sleep. Ha poor guy didn't get much sleep recently. But it was exhausting, we were supposed to be on vacation and one after another came down with the stomach bug. I definitely could have used more hands, more labs and another set of washer and dryer:) 

I so love being a Mom, this is my calling. I am growing with them everyday, learning so much about myself and about them. This is our journey together and most important they teach me how to love, love unconditionally and passionately. I am a better person because of them. 

Bathtime is super fun right now. They asked to bathe together. It's getting crowded and we may have another few weeks left:) 

Daddy's first day of. Vacation after six weeks of almost constant travel. Excitement all over. 

Fun Christmas season. They are holding Tickets to enter the rudolph sleigh (my decorated car) to go for a Christmas sleigh ride ( looking at x-mas lights). We had snacks and good music. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, everything about this post is just precious! The pictures, the insight. Good job on keeping your blog going!