Thursday, January 22, 2015

Love my essential oils

I am in love with essential oils, I am so happy when I get my shipment email and when my now favorite UPS man shows up, he gets greeted with a big smile and a happy squeak. "You have my oils"! Ha I am sure he thinks I am some sort of a nut job. 

Last summer I read up on a natural insect repellant because of my kids being so little. We also had a problem with wasps at our house and I did not want to throw chemical bombs around me. I researched a little and found out that peppermint oil was your friend to keep those wasps away which worked like a charm. I made my own natural insect repellant and my kids did not get bothered by those painful sweat bee bites and Mosquitos. 

I loved it so much that I started to read up more and found out that there are many amazing ways to pamper yourself and feel good! For a busy mom that sounded like a beach vacation. I made some body scrubs:
Wake up: 
- Epson salt
- sugar 
- almond oil 
- orange peel
- peppermint oil 
- wild orange oil 

Night night: 
- Epson salt 
- sugar 
- almond oil 
- Lavender 

Less chemicals 
One day I ran out on all purpose cleaner and had no time to go to the store so I made my own cleaner and it smelled so good, to my surprise it cleaned so well and I felt really good about it knowing exactly what I just sprayed on my counters, high chair, and kids table.
All purpose cleaner:
- lemon oil
- white vinegar
- water 

Glass/mirror cleaner 
- water
- rubbing alcohol
- lemon oil (little) 

A few drops of lemon oil on a sponge makes your stainless steel sink shine and leaves your sponge smelling great.

When flu season was around the corner I really started stocking up on my oils and trying to be as much preventive as I could. With three little ones I know once we get a bug/ virus in the house it will linger and spread which means poor sick little bodies, exhausted parents and being home bound for a very long time. No no no not an option. 
There is so much that you can do and I am learning everyday. 
We are applying oils on the bottom of our feet every day for preventative measures. Let me tell you so far we knocked out an ear infection, my baby had a viral bronchitis and I was able to keep her more comfortable at night while diffusing an oil blend. Fever was gently reduced with peppermint oil. 
Essential oils don't cure your sickness but here is what convinced me, in the past when my kids had a fever I would medicate them with common OTC medication. After the Meds worked my kids had high energy, bouncing on the couch, running and playing hard, it was impossible for me to keep their little sick bodies still for a while. After the Meds wore off we started over again. 
Last time I rubbed peppermint oil down their spine and on the bottom of their feet, I checked their temperature every 30 minutes and it worked. The fever went down and it stayed down much longer, but their little bodies still let them know that they need to rest, they did not get that (high) from OCT Meds and we kicked the virus out in 2 days vs. 5 days. One happy Mommy. 

There is so much more about these therapeutic grade oils and I will blog about them more. Most important is to use these oils safely they are therapeutic grade and should be used only when you are informed. 

hope you have a great today 


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