Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter and more

Easter at the McLea house was so much fun! We celebrated the resurrection of our savior, a new beginning and so much hope for all of us. 
The boys started to understand that there is more to Easter than just an Easter bunny. They still enjoyed the many many many Easter egg hunts that came their way. I am swamped by colorful plastic eggs:) 
Coloring Easter eggs was.. Interesting. I prepared stickers, different colors googly eyes, pipe cleaners etc but all they wanted was markers, the eggs turned out very cute with a personal note from the boys. 
We had an amazing Easter breakfast with Egg in the nest, bacon and waffles. The kids really enjoyed it and sat still for a very long time until we told them that daddy is going to hide the Easter eggs now....they never got dressed faster. 
After our rather successful hunt we went hiking and collected bugs in our brand new Bug Kit:) screeching noises came out of that thing on the way home (the boys released the bugs later that evening). 
At night we cooked a delicious dinner and enjoyed each other until it was time to go to bed. The kids fell asleep quickly and Julia was exhausted from all the fresh air and watching her brothers going crazy on sugar highs:) 
Today my husband told me what an amazing time he had this weekend and we didn't do anything special just enjoyed our company, mostly in our backyard:) 

He is alive