Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer is here!

I am starting to realize that the transition of spring into summer in Tennessee is close to none. After a week of rain and cool temperatures we slipped into high 80's and no rain for 3 weeks. My closet and my kids closet weren't ready quiet yet. 
But hey no complaining over here time to start those summer days. We started our summer bucket list and here is what they came up with: 

- find bugs.....and more bugs 
- find a turtle and keep it for a day 
- eat lots of watermelon 
- swim swim and swim
- go to the lake 
- have a water ballon fight 
- catch fireflies 
- bonfires 
- and play with friends 

- eat cheese sticks 
- ride quads 
- throw rocks 
- squirt water shooters 
- swing 
- eat Popsicles 
- go to chuck e cheese 

- whatever brothers Doing, I am in. The messier the better.

We decided to mostly stay home this summer and take a few excursions to Waterparks, the aquarium, dinosaur world, a cave tour and so on. We have so many visitors this year and during the summer that we decided to explore the beauty around us. 

The last few weeks were filled with good memory making "stuff"! Our first graduation!!! Ok it was preschool but it definitely gave me a good preview of what's to come, when Zach was standing up on stage, performing their songs, my crazy mommy instinct wanted to run up and squeeze him so tight that I stop very cell in his body from growing any further, so he can stay my little sweet boy forever. But my rational (hey you a grown up) side and the fact that my husband was siting right next to me did stop me. 

Last days of preschool approached so fast and we said goodbye to some awesome teachers that had such a huge impact in my kids lives. 
Zachary registered for kindergarten and it feels like such a big step. I don't feel ready but He is and I am praying for him every day that his heart and mind will be ready to concur this new world. My little warrior! Watch out world! 

A.J. enjoys spending now more quality time with his brother. They found a good groove right now to play together. Now little brother is bringing some to the table:))! A.J. 
Is a passionate about music and has such great rhythm. Music gets this little boy moving. 

Julia is growing so fast, she loves being around her big brothers and puts up quiet well with their silliness and boyish noises, you know what I mean:)! She doesn't see any need in walking, even though we saw her taking steps but being the boys little princess and producing a little squeal that means " hey brothers come and entertain me" is jsut right for her. 

This summer will be different, shorter, more intentinally and filled with joy. Because after this summer my little boy will be loosen his grip on Mommy's hand just a little and it is so bittersweet. 

May you mommies all enjoy your summer. 



Told you it looks like it could be high school graduation. LOL 

My loves. 

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