Saturday, June 27, 2015

Celebrate A.J.

I am a bit late with my post about A.J.'s Birthday. We had a great day on his actual birthday. He started with cupcake galore and Happy Birthday songs over and over from his siblings. A.J. loves when you sing to him. 

Facts about our A.J. 
He was our first child to be born in Tennessee! His birth was quick and easy, which was no indication of what he would be like as a baby. He was very colicky and had acid reflux so pretty much his first 6 month of life, he was miserable. 

Because of AJ we now own a minivan:). He was so unhappy in his car seat that we had to stop all the time and take breaks. The minivan is so roomy and helped us out quiet a bit. 

He is so blond like his daddy was and his beautiful blue eyes get him anything he wants:). 

He is very passionate, gets excited more that others and just loves life. He does not get hung up on little things. 

AJ comes up with the funniest moves and songs, and when he is a Grown up he wants to be a Country-Sinner (Singer):) 

He is a snuggle bug. 

on Saturday we finally had his party and he had such a great time. The best part of his day was that all these kids came for him to celebrate with him. It made him feel so special and that feeling lasted all day. 
We had lots of water fun, a squirter standoff, little tsunami like water battles and grown ups that got in the way were considered collateral damage:) 

When we came around to do the Pinata we ended up with a decapitated spiderman, not sure how appropriate its is for a 3 year old birthday party but it really did happen. 
Candy and more candy was collected from the ground:) 

AJ loved his superhero birthday cake and enjoyed the Happy Birthday Hymn. He is still smiling when we talk about it. At the end we opened some very nice presents and enjoyed his little eyes getting wider and wider with each awesome present reveal. 

Brother got a little upset (and what 5 year old does not). AJ was so sweet and offred to share his toys which put a big smile on Brothers face. The party was fun and we were still sliding into sunset. 


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