Monday, June 1, 2015

Rainy Day Monkey Love

All my three monkeys are napping and I am sipping on a grande coffee.....yummy! The house is clean, laundry is all done and dinner for tonight is ready to go. WAIT that is just happening in my make believe world.
This is what my reality looks like. House is pretty messy, counters are sticky, dishes are scattered in the sink. Laundry made it out of the dryer and folded but for some reason can't make it into the many many closets in my house. and for dinner, well the chicken is defrosting in a water bath for tonight's dinner. 
This doesen't stop me from sitting down though and capturing some amazing memories that were made today....and I am quiet at peace with my mess. 

Todays weather was not in the forecast at all and it threw me for a loop. See I knew I should have gone to bed earlier than I did but I had the day planned for tomorrow. Splash pad in the morning and errands in the afternoon. Mother nature said no no not today. 
So we had some really special fun this morning. The kids are all at very different stages right now and it becomes challenging for mr to keep them all engaged at the same time and be involved in everyones play. 
First thing in the morning we had some music fun, I wish I could say we played the flute, played the violin and composed a masterpiece on a piano. Our orchestra was made of a half broken flute, a miniture xylophon with notes dangeling of to the side. The fun though that was our masterpiece. All three added their talents. Julia is a great shaker, Zachy is a multitalent on the drums and the flute at the same time and A.J. on the guitiar while holding the mic. 
After some arts and crafts we went for the shortest walk yet, rain poured on our parade but we got to jump a few puddles before running back home. 
I was resting for a minute on Julia's bed while calming her down from her mean teething pain when the boys came in and asked to join us which turned into a cuddle session. 

And we finished our morning of with meeting daddy at work for lunch, while packing our "work bags" since we had importatnt meetings to attend. 

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