Sunday, July 5, 2015

Stop wait a minute

The other day I was folding laundry and my kids where either asleep or resting quietly. The load I was folding was mostly gathered laundry from upstairs which is entirely occupied by the munchkins. After determining whose superhero undies belong to whom and trying to fold a big fluffy tutu i stopped reaching into the dryer for more clothes. It's like the clothes started to remind me, tell me a story....! 

Zachys pile of clothes reminded me of a great time we had just past week at a super fun nature hike and how much he loves his bugs. Also looking at his shirts you won't find the cute Dino's or sea animals anymore they have to be a tad realistic now....he is telling me frequently that this is too baby. I think I need to start to take him with me when shopping for new clothes from now on.

AJ's clothes it's a interesting mix of new and hand me downs from big brother. He is wearing some of the same clothes that brother was wearing but their personalities and looks are so entirely different. His new batman underwear is a sign of concurring the potty beast. We are getting their people:) He is doing such a good job. On a side note, just because mastered to potty train your first child doesn't make it any easier with the second child:) don't be fooled by numbers here, be aware of personalities and temperament traits. I had to learn this lesson rather messy and quickly. 
AJ's pile also shows me how passionate he is about life, he lives his emotion out so intensively and has such joy in life. 

Julia's clothes, yes my little girl. We now welcome pink, fluffy and glittery things into our home. So exciting:). Our little snuggle bug. When she first gets up she wraps her little tiny arms around our necks as tight as she can. Folding her stuff is such joy, I can relate to pretty patterns, vintage jumpers and cute tutus. 

Putting away the clothes now reminds me how big they are getting, we now have to place the clothes strategically in their dressers so they are able to access them easily since our oldest gets dressed by himself and our youngest is getting there. 

Yes laundry can be a mundane but I am thankful for my laundry piles, they tell me stories, give me memories and let me know that their is such precious life in our homes. 

Piles of evidence of precious life on our home 

Pink cute stuff has now entered the boys domain and is slowly invading:) 

 This is one of his dinosaur shirts that barely pass as cool, no more cute stuff Mami:) 

My little buddy full of life 

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