Monday, May 2, 2016

Fast forward a bit.

Hello everyone, it seems almost a tradition to start my blog with "it has been a while". But that's true it has, and I didn't make time to write in my blog. I recently thought about how much I really miss writing and sharing our lives with others on the virtual web. 
So here a just the highlights since last year July. 
Fall was beautiful as always in the South. We enjoyed. Endless Pumpkin patches, Hayrides, hikes and just loved the outdoors. Our boys started to collect frogs and they spend a winter with us....and yes they came with the whole enchilada of crickets and worm feeding (yikes). 
Zachary started kindergarten, but during fall break our desire to homeschool deepened and our calling  to do so was mapped out in front of me. I was "dreaming" about homeschooling since he was 3 years old but never thought I could. Let's say God equipped me and our circumstances allow us to homeschool. Which I am beyond grateful for. 
I left for a quick visit to Germany and to check on my daddy who suffered some real bad health scares and for the first time I noticed a shift in my life. The moment when you realize you a not just a daughter but also become a bit of a decision maker for your parents and that role feels strange to me but I can see the nessecity and it is out of love for him. The visit was good we moved my dad closer to my brother. 
Winter: oh I am always so afraid of the cold month were we do life mostly inside. Chuck e cheese, Monkey Joes, indoor playgrounds and bouncy places become a reality. 
Energized kids who start bouncing of any surfaces in our house and than this happens......SNOWDAYS. This year wasn't too bad. We had two days of beautiful fresh snow and all the neighbors kids were playing outside including ours. Snowball fights, hot cocoa, sledding, tubing, snow angels and lots of laughter. 

A few weeks ago I woke up all excited because I heard birds chirping outside my window and it was the most beautiful sound. Spring is on its way. And it has. We already enjoyed hikes, endless hours of trampoline jumps, slip and slides, sand boxes, beaches at the lake and of course having meals outside.

We are looking forward to a fun filled summer making lots of memories, enjoying our family and friends 


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