About Me

I am me, a wife and a mother to my wonderful boys. 

We recently moved from California to Nashville and that's when I became a SAHM (stay at home Mom). It was such a change in my life back then. I was pregnant and had a two year old, life as I knew it was about to change. 
My job as a nurse gave me instant gratification, whereas a Toddler and a homemaker life not so much. Don't get me wrong my husband is wonderful and makes me feel great every day but still I thought something was missing. So I started this blog more for me, like a journal. Then I decided to share some of my challenges as a newly SAHM. Challenges like Budgeting, meal planning, organizing, raising children, keeping your house clean and take care of yourself. 
Keeping my mind, body and soul in balance was not always easy but I can say now that my heart is full of gratitude for this opportunity to be there for my family and see my children grow up. I am beyond grateful for my husband who makes all this possible. 
I used to be somewhat judgemental against SAHM and maybe that's why the adjustment was hard in the beginning but now I had a change of heart and utmost respect for a Homemaker!

Our newest addition. A.J. (Alexander- Josef)

Zachary my sweet kind hearted son 

My husband, the shining light in my life. 

Family, love them!!!